Transition Mix

There was change in the air about six months ago.
One way or another, things were going to change.
There were choices to be made. There were decisions to weigh.

Of course, music set some of the background as I was thinking about what was before me and what I had just been through. Music is powerful that way.

When it came time to say goodbye to the people who had been a second family to me (an ever changing one at that), I wanted to do something special.

“Goodbyes” and moments like that come and go so fast, especially in the organization I had called home. I wanted to hold onto the memory in some way. I wanted to soak it in. And maybe I wanted to give everyone else a chance to do that, too. So I tried to make it a little more fun and a little more sad and little more strange and a little more beautiful.

For my “goodbye” I decided to make everyone a mix CD. Because who does that still? We had mix CDs for everything when I was in college. It was an art form. It’s like a little auditory love letter.

Chad: I have a gift for everybody because I don’t think this has ever been done before. So of course I was going to do it!
Katie: An individual!
Chad: When I was in college, when we had something we wanted to express – when we wanted to express our sentiments – we got together and we made… mix CDs. So I made you a mix CD – “Transition Mix” – songs that I’ve been listening to for the last 6 months.
Scott: This is just like “Elizabethtown”.
Chad: It is just like “Elizabethtown”.
Chad: So..pass em’ around!

Transition Mix

 Track List:

1. Intro (Hulk Winds Down)
“I was tired, I had a bad attitude, I was hurt, I was beat up… ‘I think it’s time to wind this thing down’…”

2. Ryan Adams – Lucky Now
“Am I really who I was?”

3. Ryan Bingham – Weary Kind
“Pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try.”

4. The Format – On Your Porch
“If you fail well then you fail but not to us…these last three years, I know they’ve been hard…but now it’s time to get out of the desert and into the sun.”

5. The Head And The Heart – Rivers And Roads
“Nothing is as it has been and I miss your face like hell.”

6. Delta Spirit – Devil Knows You’re Dead
“May your days be rich and full of wealth, and your nights be long when you need rest…before the Devil knows you’re dead, may you be in Heaven my friend.”

Download (MP3s in a zipped folder).

So here it is, online.
It’s a mini-soundtrack to my life these past 6 months.
It’s been a little fun.
And a little sad.
And a little strange.
And a little beautiful.
Thank you.


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