Chad Fellowship

From the Goodbye Party:

This is not to scare you or stalk you in anyway. It’s just for us to stay connected. There’s one of four boxes that you can check. First off, maybe you’re just here because you wanted to hear a little bit more about Chad, and that’s fine, we won’t bother you again about anything. But some of you are interested in learning a little bit more about Chad. And the cool thing is that there’s other people that are interested in knowing about Chad because there’s a lot to get into there. A lot of layers. Maybe that’s for you. Still others of you are just not sure where you stand with Chad and you just want to explore more without making a commitment to be his friend.

And still finally there may be some of you who are ready to become friends with Chad. I’d like to suggest that perhaps maybe you’ve had a plumbing problem recently and you’ve found Chad stalking you outside…that maybe that’s not a coincidence – maybe that’s Chad inviting you into a relationship with him.

If you’ve suddenly found yourself wanting to brand your own signature, maybe that’s Chad pulling you in!

So go ahead and fill that out.



Previous responses to the Commitment Card:

Katie: I want to study Chad with other people!

GregWhat if Chad and I used to be friends but I’ve gone through a period of doing life on my own? I think I’d like to make an adult decision to be friends with Chad.

GinnyNow that Chad and I are friends, how can I help others get to know Chad?

Scott: We could stand up on a trash can in the middle of the Quad and yell, “You must know Chad!” But usually seeing that our lives are different because we know Chad and showing who Chad is in our lives is much more effective.

Josh:  What things must I do to REALLY know Chad? I mean, I am sure there is more to it than just asking him to be my friend. In order to know Chad, do I need to be a good person? Does he require me to go to his house every week and give him my money? I am not sure I am ready for that kind of commitment right now. And who’s to say that Chad won’t let me down? If I read the book about Chad, will he like me more?


But in the end – To know Chad is to love Chad.


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