Bad Poetry And Things

Bad poetry and other random things!


Bad Poetry Collections

Street Puddles And Late Night Walks

“Late nights and cold walks on the wet pavement and a whirlwind of loss, affection, and even love in your 20’s. Poetry taken from bits and pieces of experiences that happen between the start of college and the end of youth – combined with the images that they have left behind.” (2005-2008)


Past Our Bedtimes + Dead Of Night

Moving forward. Optimism, hope, boldness, creativity, life. “Look, this is who we are. Can we be proud of that?” (2011-2013)


Finally, Into The Now

That frustrating mystery of our last forevers and last goodbyes. (2015)


Harvest Gold Linoleum

“Some childhood as-felt-and-remembered through specific, small, moments – and then the ‘end’ of the same through one lasting, strange, moment.” (2005)


Random Other Things

Song Parody Lyrics

I’m not sure why, but I did these!

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