Hi there! This is a pure vanity project. Most websites, webpages, weblogs, blogs, social media points-of-presence, and custom license plates are vanity projects. That’s okay.

You see, originally, I had a run of several ideas for content blogs – you know, the kind that people read and read and submit content to and end up publishing stupid coffee books. The thing is, though, they were usually things that I thought were hilarious but didn’t have that instant “ah-ha!” you need to drive page views, clicks, and recognition. Plus, I’d run up maybe a dozen ideas for posts and then dry up. Plus, you know, I like starting things more than I like building and maintaining them. Plus, the last few years have been a real drag and it’s hard to say motivated. Basically, excuses. Okay?

But I’m happiest when I’m creating something, even if it’s just for me. So I thought, hey, why not just make a general “blog” to put whatever randomness I want to put up. I figured it was time to stop being afraid of self expression.

I have to thank the people who started “#chadhart” on Twitter and led me there. Because sometimes Chad Hart says some crazy stuff. Sometimes he thinks of some crazy stuff. And in situations like this, he even uses The Third Person. Indeed, he can be pretentious and self-referential (the exact ingredients of terrible Christian music!)

But anyway.

What Others Are Saying About Chad:

I don’t know if you should look at a website called Despair.com. You don’t need help in being melancholy.”
– Ginny


I can’t decide if you are creative or crazy.”
– Rachel


That’s ridiculous and awesome. Something only Chad Hart could pull off. It needs to be recorded and remembered.”
– Josh


You’re a great person. You have spontaneity and creativity, humor and fun, respect, love and honesty at your core. And whoever doesn’t love that, is crazy.”
– Erin


You just frustrate me, because… you’re just always right, and you always say the right things – and you mean them.”
– Katy


Chad… you can talk of geeky things without actually being geeky, it is impressive.”
– Clayton


You are a crazy man that I love.”
– Heidi


You’re very randomly put together.”
– Kelly


To know Chad Hart is to love him. [Insert name of lady of choice] is about to know Chad Hart.”
– Nick


Of course you get angry when no one else is angry – you’re angry all the time, it’s BOUND to come up.”
– Josh


This man, this, Chad Hart you speak of, is the epitome of coolness. I mean, the guy is one part Rambo, two parts Rocky, and one part Strong Bad. No, not because of their qualities, but purely based on the fact that he’s got all the stuff friggin memorized.”
– Jeremy


Uh, oh, Chad’s listening to Guns N’ Roses again…”
– Josh


What I’m Saying:

Well, the first thing you have to learn is disappointment…”
– to my dog, and my niece.


Details? Where we’re going we don’t need… details.”
– on life, in general.


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