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I say things about life in general, and my life specifically, sometimes.

The Fault In Our Tacos

I made a list 4 months ago and I decided to flesh this out.

The Fault In Our Tacos
Two competing taco trucks form a bond that can’t be broken.

The Fault In Our Prom Dates
Two strangers bond while their prom dates throw up in the bathroom.

The Fault In Our Parents
Two kids bond in the waiting room while their parents are in couples therapy.

The Fault In Our Employability
Two unemployed 20-somethings fall in love after constantly seeing each other at job fairs and interviews.

The Fault In Our Netflix Queue
Two strangers meet in a Panera and fall in love by criticizing the other’s Netflix queue.

The Fault In Our Texts
2 hours of phone screen shots, electronic beeps, and glowy faces.

The Fault In Our Friends
Two people fall in love while constantly bitching about their non-mutual friends.

The Fault In Our Just Friends
2 hours of two people in love (and in denial) constantly telling mutual friends that they are, in fact, “just friends”.

The Fault In Our Friendzones
Can love overcome a triangle of zones and barriers and the debate on whether or not such zones and barriers exist? No.

The Fault In Our Making Out
1 and a half hours of making out and 30 minutes of guilt/shame/disgust/regret. There’s also 4 sequels.

The Fault In Our Orthodontia
Two teens fall in love while waiting to get their braces and bands adjusted over the course of 6 months. Naturally they sabotage their own braces to extend the courting.

The Fault In Our Ground Fault
The classic guy-meets-girl-who-is-an-electrician-story.

The Fault In Our Pole Vault
All Canadians want to be pole vaulters.

The Fault In Our Defaults
Two hours of 2 people not meeting because they never change or deviate from their schedule enough to cross paths.

The Fault In Our FEELS
Two hours of ANGST and talking about ANGST and talking about our talking about of feelings of ANGST.

The Fault In Our Last Words
Two hours of someone trying to figure out the last words they want to say to their lying, cheating, former-significant other.

The Fault In Our SARS
The love story between two World Health Organization doctors as they themselves start dying.

The Fault In Our Plan
The classic story of boy meets girl and boy spends way too much time planning his next move. Girl dates someone she meets over the summer.

The Fault In Our Intentions
Two hours of hilariously unintentional misunderstandings. Like ‘Three’s Company’, only with teenage angst.

The Fault In Our Forever
Two hours of teenagers talking about forever while having the attention span of 3 seconds.

The Fault In Our Meme
Because high school.

The Fault In Our Chemistry
Two chemists meet and fall in love because of something to do with whiteboards and hexagon drawings. It’s science.

The Fault In Our Because 
Two teenagers fall in love even though they only answer questions by saying ‘because’.

The Fault In Our Privilege
The tragic story of a rich white suburban kid not being able to take the Mercedes to prom and his girlfriend not being able to afford that 2,500 dollar dress.

The Fault In Our Narcissism
Two hours of wardrobe changes and carefully sculpted Instagram pictures.

The Fault In Our Hotness
Two people who are literally too sexy for each other.

The Fault In Our Adorableness
Two people are so ridiculously adorable they cause everyone to spontaneously vomit. This ruins prom.

The Fault In Our Awkwardness
Two people so awkward that they can only possibly ever belong together because everyone else avoids them.

The Fault In Our Formulary
Pharmacy love!

The Fault In Our Strategery
Love In The Time Of Bush

The Fault In Our Seatbelts
Something about a teenager and a car crash. And survivor guilt.

The Fault In Our Phones
Missing the most important text of your life because your text inbox is full of all the other most important texts of your life.

The Fault In Our Window
Timing is hard!

The Fault In Our Side Hugs
Two people in love but only give side-hugs. The climax of the movie is actually a regular hug.

The Fault In Our Clinique Happy
The fragrance follows a young man around for years until he admits that he actually likes it.

The Fault In Our Star Trek
Two lovers have a split over whether or not JJ’s Star Trek is actually Star Trek or not.

The Fault In Our Star Wars
Two lovers have a split over whether or not they should even acknowledge Episode 1-3.

The Fault In Our Starbucks
Two people keep missing each other because they keep going to the wrong Starbucks.

The Fault In Our Pilot Season
Two struggling actors meet and fall in love during the time their pilots are shot, picked up, and then cancelled after the first 3 weeks.

The Fault In Our Standup
A first date at comedy club goes terribly wrong when one person laughs at all the wrong jokes.

The Fault In Our Wingman
2 hours of bros.

The Fault In Our DTR
Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain. Fork in the brain.

The Fault In Our Hygiene
Two people with terrible hygiene fall in love…until one of them showers and throws the relationship off balance!

The Fault In Our Straws
A college kid leaves a straw at a door and causes a girl to cry.

The Fault In Our Cusack
High Fidelity or Say Anything? The Sure Thing or Grosse Point Black? SO HARD TO PICK.

The Fault In Our No-Fault Accidents
Two insurance adjusters fall in love while sticking it to their clients.

The Fault In Our Parking Enforcement
Two parking enforcement officers fall in love for the same rebellious scofflaw.

The Fault In Our Away Messages
The last two people on Earth using AIM decide to just call each other on the phone.

The Fault In Our Time Machines
A man and a woman both secretly make a time machine to go back and make sure they don’t break up.
They end up destroying the space time continuum.


Talking To Strangers And Jazz

I used to drive and drive and drive and see where the road took me. I used to go and listen to jazz – even though I knew nothing about jazz – and drink and read a book. I used to karaoke. I used to befriend strangers when we’d end up in the same Panera or the same dive-joint again and again. I’d talk to gas station clerks and truck drivers at truck stops.

I used to have adventures and I used to love my work and my work used to love me. And overtime… that…changed.

And I’d settle, and I’d settle, and I’d settle for frozen pizza and I’d settle for Netflix and I’d settle a little more.

And I didn’t like my work even though I loved it.
And my work didn’t like me even though I loved it and it loved me.
And I didn’t love myself for not liking the work that I loved.
And I didn’t like myself for not loving myself.

You see, all this in the background is not a great thing or a great place to be in. And even getting better takes a long time. My world is changing not back to what it was but is changing into something new. I don’t want to be the Chad I used to be – 2008 or 2009 Chad.
(Though that guy was awesome.)

I want to be someone and something I haven’t been before.

Life moves forward, not backwards.

old fortunes

A Guy Named C.H.A.D.

From The Goodbye Party –


A Guy Named Chad


I want to tell you a story about A Guy Named Chad.

My first year on staff This Guy Named Chad came into the Champaign Chapter.

I was assigned to work with A Guy Named Chad a few times.

One of those times was at the Urbana conference. We had a student leadership track and Chad was in my track there. I think my impression of Chad then was he was a good guy, missional student, going to make an impact on the Champaign chapter. But I did not get a sense then of the passion and commitment to communication and in particular with large groups that A Guy Named Chad had.

My next episode of Chad was at the Metamorphosis conference, which most of you know as Fall Conference now. Chad was working with his events team and talking about what should happen at large group and Chad just gets…enraged. He was so mad! He was so upset because the large group team was not understanding a vision he had. It was a missional thing, it was something he wanted to be done and done well and the other people just weren’t on board.

So I ran into Chad pacing outside the room and I’m look “oooh, what’s going on there?”

So I ask Chad “Chad, what’s happening?”

And Chad proceeds to be this far away from me (about 18 inches) yelling about what’s happening. “Well this is going on and this is not happening and..!”

And I’m like “Whoa!”

But luckily I don’t mind a good fight. So I stepped in. So that was the beginning of the bond between Chad and I. And it was the beginning of understanding how passionate Chad is about the things he cares about and how invested he is. His ability to work with others has increased quite a bit – and his ability to hold the rage in and process it differently has changed. But that passion is still true.

And so that’s my favorite memory of Chad, him sort of letting loose in that argument created a bond.

So in honor of Chad I’ve created a little creative communication myself. Hopefully it will be a memorable one. It’s an acrostic to help us remember things about Chad.


First of all…C
Chad is Creative in Communications.

So, I told you of his passion for large groups. At one point while he was a student Chad actually dressed up as a wrestler and was so committed to that theme that he wrestled at large group.

Chad goes on adventures and takes lots of pictures.
Chad has and maintains a website.

I remember one particularly creative communication he made about how all romantic comedies are basically one, making a concept map between romantic comedies.

And I just have to tell you – I’ve known Chad to be interested in a few different ladies over the years, and seen his creative communications in dating. Chad is quite a pro of thinking of creative ways to care or invest. One particular time, a certain girl he was interested in, had some sort of problem with the plumbing at her house she was renting, and Chad actually – wait! This isn’t creative communication!

But that leads into my next one…

Hart’s Got heart.

Chad is quite the romantic. So Chad waited at this house until the technician came and did the work and everything went okay. In another incident he purchased a pizza without any cheese or other things that this person was allergic to so that this person could enjoy Papa Del’s pizza, too.

He’s also – I suppose romantically, too – but he’s also so loyal. Once Chad is on your side and Chad is your friend he is your friend forever. He’s totally committed that things go well for you and that you stay connected.

And Chad cares very well for students. This student David became a Christian in the ministry and Chad discipled over the years. It’s just one example of a relationship Chad invested in and expressed deep empathy and compassion. It’s not always readily on the surface but it’s there and students that get to know Chad can feel it and know that Chad is on their side.

Chad Hart is A True Individual.

What ways don’t we know this?

First of all the affinity for Guns N’ Roses. Other people have that, too, but he’s held it for a long time. People make Christmas cards and birthday cards, but what does Chad do? He makes New Years Cards for people. Also who socializes, but Chad, by bringing his computer to a table and doing other creative communications late at night at retreats while people play games around him? An individual. And who shows their emotional agreement at a talk or something else by grunting?

That is Chad. A True Individual.

And finally…

Chad Hart is Dedicated To A Quality Product.

I remember Chad when he was a student leader being at The Loft all night editing video for large group and wanting to see these things turn out perfectly.

I remember Chad putting into a ton of work into something we still use, which is our Chapter Events Team Manual. He wanted everyone else to learn how to do the structure and use it well. Brittany says thanks and Sam would, too, if he were here. All the people following Chad have picked that up and learned how to do it because of Chad’s work on this quality product.

He really has a huge commitment to doing things well and doing whatever he’s doing all in.

All which we appreciate and Guns N’ Roses appreciates… and we’re so grateful for A Guy Named Chad.



Thanks, Katie. I appreciate it.